The UAE-KSA Roadmap to save Yemen

September 10, 2019

A new Saudi-Emirati joint statement to contain the latest events in southern Yemen, many clear warnings are sent to internal and external parties seeking to fuel sedition and split the coalition.

The most important messages contained in the statement reaffirmed the strength of the strategic relations between Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and the extent of harmony, consensus and identical views between the two countries towards Yemen.

The statement also undermined all hopes of the Muslim Brotherhoodto create a rift between two allies linked by historical brotherhood, strategic partnership and common goals, and proved the lie and falsehood of what they claim through their media.

The statement also contained a clear and specific message to the Yemeni parties under the Alliance for the Support of Legitimacy (the Yemeni government and the Transitional Council), on the need to unity and to  block the attempts to disperse efforts towards the primary goal, which is to defeat the Iranian project and defeat the Houthi militia and terrorist organizations in Yemen.

This implies warning those parties of what internal actors such as Islah (the Yemeni arm of the terrorist organization of the Muslim Brotherhood) are doing, and external actors in trying to stir up strife and deviate the compass from the real target.

In addition to the commitments contained in the statement, the parties participating in the Jeddah Dialogue should uphold the supreme interest of their country, recognize the conspiracies that are planned to harm them, and inspire the spirit of brotherhood and strong partnership embodied in the Saudi-UAE relationship.

Through the joint statement, the UAE has provided a perfect example of tolerance. Despite the magnitude of its sacrifice, and the great efforts it has made over the past period, it has been subjected to many abuses and slander against the backdrop of recent events in Aden and the southern cities.

 Nevertheless, the UAE tolerated the abuses and slanders it suffered, and upheld the principle of tolerance, in an effort to quell sedition and heal the rift in the interest of the Yemeni people, and strives with all its might in cooperation with Saudi Arabia in confronting the agendas and ambitions of Iranian expansion, destabilizing security and stability in the region and combating extremism and terrorism in all its forms.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have also provided a model for international relations and ideal partnerships, and all attempts to split the Saudi-Emirati rank, which is the main pillar of the Arab alliance, have failed. In their latest joint statement, the two countries affirm that their alliance is a safety valve for Yemen and a cornerstone for regional security and stability.

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