The UAE Red Crescent distributes food baskets to the martyrs’ families in the departments of Shabwa

July 11, 2019
“We thank the Arab Coalition for its unlimited support in all fields and we thank the UAE for its contribution to the South through its humanitarian arm, the UAE Red Crescent, which provides relief support and projects,” said Sheikh
Ahmad Naji al-Faqir, a member of the Southern Transitional Council who received the aid and distributed it to the delegates of the other directorates.
He added: “Relief came to the directorates of Bihan al-‘Ilayya, Aslan and Ayn, to the families of the martyrs, who poured the soil of Bihan with their pure blood. This food basket is a small part of giving back to the martyrs who sacrificed themselves so that Yemenis live free from the militias. The number of martyrs for each of its directors according to the United Arab Emirates Red Crescent is as follows: Senior managers 306 martyrs, director of Assilan
168 martyrs, director appointed 236 martyrs.

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