The UAE red Crescent supports the Aden Water Foundation with 10 pumps

August 20, 2019

In its continuous efforts to help and support the people of yemen in all circumstances the UAE red crescent signed a new agreement this morning

with Aden Water Corporation to try to put an end to the very severe water crisis that the region is facing for months now .

The Director of Water Corporation  Fathi Al-Saqqaf said that with the support of the UAE, the representative of the UAE Red Crescent and the Director of Water and Sewerage Foundation in Aden Water crisis in Aden will be no longer be .

The UAE red crescent started since the beginning of the providing drinking water to Aden and other regions, beside the creations and maintenance of many wells and water pumping stations , with the necessary and required solar systems equipment and engines to make sure the water provision never stops .

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