The UAE saves and help 20,000 Yemenis in Taiz

May 27, 2019

In its continuous humanitarian and relief efforts, the United Arab Emirates, through its humanitarian arm in Yemen, continues its relief work in the city of Taiz, where it continues to provide relief and humanitarian assistance to the people and residents of the old and poor neighborhoods.

The UAE Red Crescent has launched a relief campaign for the residents of the city since the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, in order to reduce and stop the suffering of the population and the people especially in the slums of Taiz, which has been suffering from war and siege for more than 4 years.

The project aims to distribute more than 4,000 relief baskets containing basic foodstuffs to benefit more than 20,000 of the poor families. The project preceded a large field survey of cases in the targeted areas, carried out by the UAE Red Crescent team to verify the data.

In a statement the coordinator of the UAE Red Crescent Ibrahim al-Jabri said
that the assistance comes as an extension to the intervention of the Authority to provide urgent relief to the people of the city of Taiz, especially residents of the Old City.

Al-Jabri added that the food convoy carried out by the UAE Red Crescent targeted a number of neighborhoods in the old city of Taiz: Al-Dhahriya, Al-Dhahmi, Mu’tabiyah, Al-Mutawakil, Ashrafieh and a number of other neighborhoods.

The residents of all these neighborhoods expressed their happiness and gratitude to the UAE for their humanitarian efforts in Taiz in general and the Old City in particular.

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