The UN to Gather a Fund of $4 Billion for the War-Stricken in Yemen

December 11, 2018

Yemen is suffering from collateral damage caused as a result of the 4-year long civil war. Due to increasing violence and acts of terror, Yemen is soon on the verge of famine. Current reports state that the UN is out to seek $4 dollars to provide humanitarian aid to nearly 20 billion wars stricken Yemenis.

According to the words of Mark Lockwood, UN Secretary-General and Emergency Relief Coordinator, the UN is soon to host a donor’s conference in Geneva. He further states that UN needs the extra fund to protect these wars stricken Yemenis.

The Yemen economy is on the verge of collapse and the citizens are suffering day and night. Presently, the violence and hostilities may have stopped a little owing to the Peace talks at Sweden. However, if the hope is still alive, then every possible measure is needed to be taken to allow the onset of humanitarian aid to these war-affected nations.

Right now, the Peace talks are further trying to stop the violence at Hodeidah port to smoothen out the entry of food and other necessities. The UN bracing to take every step necessary to ensure they collect the required fund to save the war affected.

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