The United Nations announces the suspension of a number of humanitarian programs in Yemen

August 22, 2019

The United Nations has been forced to halt a number of humanitarian programs in Yemen due to funding shortfalls.

Twenty-two life-saving programs will be closed in the next two months unless funding is received, said Human Rights Coordinator Liz Grande in a statement.

Donors’ promises, launched last February, have received less than half of them so far.

The United Nations had to suspend most immunization campaigns, halted the purchase of medicines, and suspended plans to build 30 new therapeutic feeding centers, 14 safe houses and other health facilities.

The statement warned of the possibility of reducing the quantities of food rations for 12 million people, and cut services to at least two and a half million children suffering from malnutrition.

In another context, the United Nations, recorded seven hundred and seventy-three deaths of cholera epidemic in Yemen, since the beginning of this year.

UNICEF said in a joint statement with the World Health Organization that it had detected five hundred and thirty-six thousand suspected cases of cholera.

The statement warned that the cholera outbreak in Yemen remains the largest outbreak in the world.

Since the beginning of this month, a six-day cholera vaccination campaign targeting some 400,000 people, including some 65,000 children under the age of fivehas been carried out in the governorates of Aden, Al Dhale’e and Taiz.

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