The Yemen War Is Full of Bigotry

December 3, 2018

The Houthis or Houthi militias which are considered to be Iran’s intermediary in Yemen are remarkably displaying themselves as advocates of peace before the talks commence this week in Sweden.

At a moment when the international community was trying to diminish the fight in Yemen, the Houthis were, however, looking for further growth. As a result, on 29th November, it bragged of having fired a ballistic missile towards the Saudi border province of Najran.

Despite their boastful announcement, the Houthis are losing their foothold, be it around the port of Hodeidah that is of crucial importance for their Iranian supplies, or across their main territory in the province of Saad, where the coalition has been quickly proceeding and vexing divisions and abandonment within Houthi ranks.

Tehran’s leaders have been also conveyed grief over the civilian toll of the war, disregarding their damaging role at the core condition of Yemen. Iran has financed and even armed the Houthi militias that seized power in Sana’a in 2015.

Utilizing the tragic humanitarian ramification of Yemen’s war currently to develop a false unity between Saudi Arabia and Iran won’t fool anyone. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo compared the records of both nations in Yemen and stated that  Iran doesn’t have any interest in alleviating Yemeni suffering; whereas the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has provided billions to ease the suffering in Yemen.

Peace talks are supposedly to take place in Stockholm in the coming days. Regardless of Houthi pressure, Saudi Arabia agreed to allow the expulsion of some Houthi rebels as a confidence-building step.

Experts are doubtful about the goal of the Houthis and their Iranian patrons in Yemen, even after they asserted to be supportive of peace endeavors.

Nations of the region won’t be convinced by the duplicity of either. Iran is short of discarding its expansionist schemes and its using of Houthi agents to carry out its diminishing plans; Yemen’s tragedy would unfortunately prevail.

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