The Yemeni army controls new locations in the Houthi stronghold

January 14, 2020

The Yemeni army forces announced, on Monday, that they had taken control of new sites in the Al-Thabit area of ??the Qataber District in Saada Governorate, the main stronghold of the Houthi militia, in the far north of the country.

The Yemen Falcons Brigade’s commander, Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Tarifi, said that the National Army forces took control of the “Al-Rabba” hill and some other hills overlooking “Wadi Jalal”, which is adjacent to the Al-Thabit market, after the Houthi militia was defeated and dozens of its members were killed and wounded, according to the Yemeni News Agency.

“The battles that took place between the army and the militia using various weapons resulted in the killing of five Houthis, including a field leader named “Abu Ali”, while others fled, leaving a number of light and medium weapons and a lot of ammunition.” Said Brigadier General Al-Tarifi.

He stressed that the liberation process is continuing in the Al-Thabet axis and will proceed at a regular pace until the militia is defeated, starting from its stronghold in Saada Governorate and reaching the rest of the Yemeni provinces under the authority of the Iranian-backed terrorist group. The Yemeni army, supported by the coalition forces, is engaged in extensive military operations in more than 8 combat axes in the Houthi stronghold of the districts of Saada Governorate.

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