The Yemeni Minister of Defense: The Iranian Houthi threats beyond Yemen and its borders

May 27, 2019

The Yemeni Minister of Defense, Lieutenant General Mohammad Ali al-Maqdashi, stated that the Iranian Houthi threat exceeded the limits of the geography of Yemen, praising the great role played by the media in exposing the Huthi militias crimes and violations and transmitting the facts to public and international opinion. Despite the limited capabilities of the media, and the criminal war of the militias against it, and the systematic incitement by its
leaders against the free media, and against witnesses for its crimes, stressing the need to integrate the military and media effort and work.

In a speech given at a Ramadan evening for media professionals, the Moral Guidance Department of the Yemeni armed forces in Maria called on al-Maqdashi to coordinate and unify the media efforts, rationalize the
discourse and direct the interests towards the basic battle of ending the Houthis putsch and restoring the homeland.

He stressed that the military establishment is the guarantor to complete the confrontation of the Houthi militias, protect the gains of the revolution and the
Republic, and confront the projects of violence, extremism, and terrorism, And address all subversive projects that target the unity and identity of the homeland, sovereignty and independence, and territorial integrity, and obstruct the process of transition to build its state and future.

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