Three Youths Brutally Tortured in Al Houthi Militia Camps

November 20, 2018

The constant denial of the existence of the Houthi militia group along with its subversive policies, and elimination of all elements of life in the areas under their control is still continuing, along with suppression and violence of the Houthi militia against their opponents.

According to some sources present in Dhamar Governorate, Houthi militia apprehended three young men from Thauban village in Al-Hada as they rejected the rebel group’s policy of starvation. The source told, one among the three persons detained, Al- Dhaibi Saleh Al- Dhaibi, suffered from a serious stroke while facing the inhuman torment inside the militia camp. The source informed that the detainee who suffered from stroke was shifted to a hospital present in the kidnapped capital Sana’a and his condition still remains critical.

Other hostages, Saleh Ahmed Ali Al-Dhaibi and Mohammed Ali Amer Al-Dhaibi are still confined in the militia detention camp and facing harsh forms of torture, as they had rejected the criminal policy of the Houthi militia group.

In fact, residents living in the western city of Hodeidah are waiting for freedom, when their life won’t be controlled by the Houthi militia. The militia has unleashed havoc on the land. Ahmed Salem, a resident who has been uprooted from the city of Hodeidah told that they are being used as human shield by the Houthi rebels. The rebels are trying to attract the allied air forces inside the civilian districts in order to shout that the allied forces are targeting the civilians.

Other residents told reporters that their life has turned into a hell as they are being treated as slaves by the Houthi rebels. The residents are being forced to believe that the Houthis are caliph of God in this land and the residents should serve them. Some even feel that they should try to resist the rebels from further proceeding ahead.

Houthis believe that it is their supreme right to control and govern, or the people are slaves and must listen to them.