To Save Hujour Tribes from Houthi Onslaught Yemen Pleads to UN

March 12, 2019

On 10th March, Yemeni Minister of Human Rights Mohammed Askar requested to the United Nations and its Commission on Human Rights to carry out urgent relief service to the Hujour tribes in the northern Hajjah province.
During a press conference in Cairo, Mohammed Askar stated that the Iran-aligned Houthi rebels’ blockade of the area has left 279 people dead and many wounded.
The ministry documented 62 civilian murders and the injury of 217 people, which includes 17 women. A total of 1,769 houses were demolished and 27 people were violently ousted from their village.
Askar stated that one day the world would wake up and open its eyes to the notable humanitarian tragedy that is unfurling in Yemen, which is similar to the genocide that was carried out by the ISIS group against the Yazidis in Iraq.
He requested that the UN should apply efforts to pressurize the Houthis to stop their hostile acts and massacres against the Hujour. It must also press them to open safe aisle so that civilians can safely leave the region and assist teams to bring in relief, like food, medicine and drinking water.
The region has been under blockade by the Houthis for two months. The militias have successfully cut supplies of food and medicine from the area, causing a real humanitarian tragedy, the minister cautioned.
Tribal sources informed that the rebels committed new breaches against the tribes on Sunday, which includes mass murder, kidnappings and the burning down of houses.
The lawful government also charged the Houthis of performing crimes against humanity against the residents of the Kashar directorate in Hajjah.
The Saudi-led Arab coalition to reinstate authority in Yemen had carried out air assaults against militant positions in Kashar in order to defend civilians. The attacks focused on cutting Houthi supply routes from the Omran region. More than 200 Houthis were killed in the attack.
The coalition has sent weapons, supplies, ammunition and food and relief aid to the tribes through aerial landings.

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