Torture Cellars in Sanaa .. Dozens of kidnapped at the mercy of Houthi

March 9, 2020

The Yemeni Prisoners and Abductees Organization revealed that Houthi militias tortured dozens of their captors in the Central Security Prison in Sana’a.

In a statement it said that the Organization was aware that the Houthi militia tortured dozens of kidnapped prisoners at the Central Security Prison in Sanaa on a daily basis by supervisors.

It also pointed out that the Houthi militia is not satisfied with enforced disappearance and depriving prisoners of their rights, but rather practices the ugliest forms of crimes of physical and psychological torture in a manner that contradicts human rights and in explicit violation of the provisions of international humanitarian law, covenants, international conventions and agreements.

In addition, it called on human rights organizations to carry out their duties, monitor the prisoners’ conditions, and monitor the prisons to eliminate any violation of the prisoners’ rights, calling on the UN envoy Martin Griffiths to quickly decide on the prisoners and the abductees file and hold those involved in the torture of prisoners accountable.

The the High Commissioner for Human Rights Office and the Red Cross International Committee have also called for urgent access to the militia’s revolutionary prisons and for the rescue of dozens of prisoners, as militias deny them medical and health care and practice the most heinous crimes against them.

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