Trump informs Congress of deployment of US forces in Yemen “to fight al-Qaeda”

June 12, 2019

US President Donald Trump said in a letter to Congress on Wednesday that the US military is providing military advice and logistical information to Yemeni forces fighting the Huthi militia.


The US president said the United States supports operations by the Yemeni government and its regional partners to purge Yemen’s Shabwa province of al Qaeda.


The White House announced in April that Trump had vetoed a Congressional resolution seeking to end US support for the war waged by the Arab coalition forces in Yemen.


The Arab coalition forces are waging a war against the Iranian Huthi militia and many other militias and terrorist organizations in response to the call and invitation of the legitimate government in Yemen and the support of the Yemeni people.


Over the four years of war in Yemen, coalition forces have succeeded in enabling the legitimate forces to recover a large number of Yemeni cities and governorates from the control of the Houthis, as well as clearing many towns and villages from al-Qaeda elements.


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