Trump: We want Iran to leave Yemen

July 17, 2019
US President Donald Trump on Tuesday called on Iran to leave Yemen, reiterating that the United States is not seeking to change the regime but to work with it while stressing significant progress with Iran without giving details.
“Washington wants Iran to get out of Yemen,” Trump said at a cabinet meeting in the White House, referring to its support for the al-Houthi militia, which has taken over large parts of the country since 2014.
Houthi militias receive significant military support from Iran, and the Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen has on several occasions demonstrated evidence of Iranian-made rockets and aircraft used by militias in Yemen.
“We want to work with them, not change the regime,” he said. Trump did not elaborate on progress, but US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said at the meeting that Iran had said it was ready to negotiate its missile program, which Iran later denied.
Iran said on Tuesday its ballistic missile program was not negotiable. “Iran’s missiles … are absolutely impossible and under any circumstances to negotiate with anyone or any country,” Ali Reza Mir Yousuf, spokesman for the Iranian mission to the United Nations, told PRESS.
Tension has been on the rise since Trump withdrew last year from a nuclear deal signed by world powers in 2015 with Iran, in which it agreed to limit the level of uranium enrichment in return for lifting international sanctions that crippled its economy.
The European parties decided on Monday that the dispute mechanism set out in the agreement would not be implemented and that further talks are available to avoid any military a confrontation between the United States and Iran, but at the same time did not take any action to protect Iran from the sanctions imposed by Trump.

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