Two schools bombed and teachers kidnapped by the Houthis east of Sanaa

March 13, 2020

The Houthi militia blew up two schools in the Majzar district of Ma’rib Governorate, east of Sanaa, and kidnapped teachers, amid warnings of targeting the educational process in the district.

The Yemeni Teachers Syndicates’ media official, Yahya Al-Yanai, stated that the Houthi militia blew up two of the schools in the Majzar district, the Al Salah and Al Muthanna schools, during its attack on the directorate.

In his tweets, Al-Yanai said that the militia kidnapped the teachers, Yahya Qaid and Tariq Al-Jabri, and abandoned and displaced a number of teachers in the district.

The militia has also replaced teachers with Houthi elements that incite students to violence and engage in fighting, in addition to allocating two days per week to cultural mobilization among teachers and students to serve the Houthi agenda and militia ideology, according to Lina`i.

The Houthi revolutionary militia uses education to serve its project, and it imposed on Sana’a public schools to establish sectarian activities, aimed at instilling their sectarian ideas in the students’ and teachers’ minds as part of its endeavors to improve education as the most important institution in the country.

The Yemeni Teachers Syndicate had warned earlier, that the Houthi group should not bulldoze the educational sector in a way that “transforms schools into Iranian nurseries and Husaynis that teach sectarianism and mobilize young people to the frontlines.”

It revealed that more than 1500 male and female teachers have been killed by the Houthi militia since its coup against the legitimate authority, in addition to wounding nearly 2,400 workers in the educational sector.

The union also documented 32 cases teachers kidnapped by the Houthi militia from their homes and schools, and none of them was seen after that, nor did their families receive any response from the Houthis regarding their fate.

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