Two Yemeni Fishermen Killed In Hodeidah from the Sea Mine Explosion by Houthi

November 19, 2018

The sea mine explosion killed two fishermen from Yemen near the coast of Hodeidah port city which is at the west side of the country. It is thought that the sea mine was planted by the Pro-Iranian Houthi Militias. According to some of the local sources, the explosion of the sea mine took the life of two fishermen who were located three miles from the Haruniya west coast of the deirctorate of al-Munira, north of Hodeidah. Names of the two fishermen killed in the explosion are AbdelJaleel Nasser Shibam and Nasr Nasser Shibam. There were known to brothers to each other and they are aged 33 and 17 respectively.

It was also reported that the militias of Houthi created a series of naval tunnels by taking the help of Iranian experts near the al-Munira coast. The militias also planted sea mines at the southwest of the coast of the port of Ibn Abbas which is situated at the north side of Hodeidah. Militias are feared of the fact that if the sea mines or landings are done in those areas, then they will be cut from the supply lines that come in from Saada and Hajjah towards the districts of al-Saleef and al-Lahiya.

The sea mines were also planted by the Houthi militias in territorial waters of Yemen that threatens the international shipping routes in the Red Sea that caused massive damage of the location. A number of fishermen were killed from the explosion and it also posed a danger in the most disastrous manner if they were washed away towards the commercial vessels by crossing over the Red Sea and Bab-el-Mandeb Strait.