U.N. Envoy Suggests Yemen Prisoner Swap to Usher Faster Peace Process

February 6, 2019

As per recent news reports, UN special envoy Martin Griffiths suggested that there should be a prisoner swap between the two warring Yemeni parties to bring about peace. The 4-year old war at Yemen which had killed nearly 15.9 million people while rendering Yemen on the brink of starvation needs to be controlled at all cost. If the parties are not willing, then the UN will not be able to send in humanitarian aids to Yemen, resulting in the entire nation being wiped-out due to an impending famine.

Currently, as per statements by Griffiths, the two warring parties, namely the Iranian-aligned Houthis and the Saudi-backed government need to conjure up a list of prisoners held on both sides, by the end of the talks in Amman. This list will be then submitted to the International Committee of the Red Cross, will oversee the release of the prisoners on both the sides.
The concept of the prisoner swap is of vital import currently in Yemen. Not only will this improve the chances of both the warring parties solving the war in a peaceful diplomatic way, but also, this might lead to the cessation of the horrid war in Yemen.

Now, initially, the UN special envoy managed to create a weak ceasefire deal in Yemen, between the warring parties and sent General Michael Anker Lollesgaard to oversee it. However, as the warring parties are still unable to jointly decide which side will control the Hodeidah port, fighting still breaks out.

Hence, to resolve this, the warring party representatives will currently be meeting for the fourth time on a ship in the red sea to resolve this issue. Along with this, the US will oversee a prisoner swap to further resolve the issues of war as peacefully a possible. Hopefully, with peaceful abdication, war will be stalled and soon, the UN can provide necessary humanitarian aid to the war-stricken Yemenis.