UAE and Saudi Arab Plans to Offer $70 Million for Supporting Yemen Teachers

October 23, 2018

United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia is going to offer US $70 million towards the teacher’s salaries in Yemen in cooperation with UNICEF and UN with country paying about half of the sum. This was announced by Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabiah, the advisor to General and Saudi Royal Court Supervisor of King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center.

Al-Rabiah had been quoted by the Saudi Arab Press Agency that the sum is going to enhance the salaries of about 135,000 teaching staff.  He also said that  Saudi-led Arab Coalition is actually following the suffering of the people of Yemen as a result of the degrading economic conditions since monthly salaries wasn’t paid to some segments, particularly to the educational sector.

The donation is received as a part of the continued support which was undertaken by the coalition countries for alleviating the economic and humanitarian crisis of the Yemeni people with more than US$17 billion that was presented since 2015 and is yet ongoing.  The coalition is known to have highlighted the importance of unified international effort that supports the economic and humanitarian initiatives in Yemen for avoiding the emergence of worse situations.

The coalition states are known to be involved directly with the new government of Yemen for putting humanitarian and economic file as their first priority and activate the working mechanism for easing to enhance the performance of the government as a per of the international effort in handling living and humanitarian crisis.

He has also stated that the coalition have led to the responsibility of degrading economic and humanitarian conditions in Yemen to the Houthi militias who are refusing to settle the conflict and commit to some international resolutions.