UAE Continues To Support Yemen Through Relief Funds

September 5, 2020

The UAE has once again sent aid packages to Yemen to support one of the worst hit nations in a humanitarian crisis. Represented by the relief teams of the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC), the United Arab Emirates has launched its second phase of relief aid at Uzlat Al Mujailis, Al Tuhayta district.

Till July 2019, the UAE has provided $5.59 billion worth of funds for development ventures and towards humanitarian relief. Under the aegis of the UAE government, ERC works as a philanthropic organsiation.

It has distributed 200 baskets out of the total of 6,000 food baskets allocated for this phase, covering areas that were not included in the distribution plan in its previous phase that includes residents of the villages of Al Tuhayta, Heis, Bayt al-Faqih and others.

The first phase of the aid included Khokha, Ad Durayhimi, Al-Hawk and Al-Hali districts, and witnessed the distribution of 6,000 food baskets to the underprivileged.Those covered primarily cover Yemenis staying in rural and remote areas that have been severely affected by the ongoing civil war and economic slowdown.

ERC has been carrying out a humanitarian campaign in Yemen. This move fall under UAE’s continuous efforts to provide relief and shelter assistance to the affected families in the liberated districts too.

The relief officials have appreciated the efforts made by UAE to support the humanitarian crisis that has gone out of hands in Yemen. Despite the UN requesting various stakeholders to contribute towards the crisis, the United Nations has fallen short of providing the necessary aid. The situation has been exasperated as foreign intervention has continued to feed warring factions in Yemen.

At the ERC Office in the Yemeni Red Sea Coast, relief officials are all praises of the former’s efforts. They said during the distribution process, “The second phase of relief aid will benefit of residents of these villages and others to restore hope in their hearts and alleviate their suffering.They also emphasised that ERC will continue its humanitarian efforts to reach out to the needy people.