UAE Distributes 5 fishing boats to the fishermen of Mayon Island

July 6, 2019
With the generous support of the United Arab Emirates and the supervision of the UAE Red Crescent Authority, five fishing boats with engines were handed over to the people of Miyoun Island, in Aden Province.
The fishermen who benefited from this support paid great tribute to the United Arab Emirates for all the support it provides to the country in these very difficult circumstances.
“One of the beneficiaries said that these boats will provide jobs to earn a living for families in the island of Myon,” said fisherman Abdo Anis Mohammed. “It will certainly solve many of the problem fishermen have been suffering from
lately, and it was mainly the lack of fishing equipment.
On behalf of the people of the island of Mayon, Anis expressed gratitude for the generous support provided by the UAE through its humanitarian arm, the UAE Red Crescent, to the island in various sectors.
The delivery of these boats is part of the previous support program where 60 boats were distributed in Aden along with fishing equipment.

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