UAE eliminating AL-QAEDA and terrorist organizations In Yemen

May 30, 2019

The United Arab Emirates contributed to the elimination of terrorism in the liberated provinces after the 2015 war in Yemen.

Where these groups threatened the security of Yemen, killing and destroying the country during the past years, taking advantage of the state of chaos in Yemen.

The Arab coalition has managed to fight these terrorist groups in those provinces until all of the zones came back under control and the terrorism presence has declined significantly.

UAE played a major role in the elimination of the terrorist groups in the governorate of Aden, where the Directorate of Mansoura was a center for those groups. The alliance was a guarantee of the security of the province in the detection and elimination of their leaders and the complete cleansing of the region.

General of the Security Forces of Aden, Maj. Gen. Shaleem Ali Chaia, revealed the role of the United Arab Emirates within the Arab Alliance in revealing the whereabouts of the Amir of the terrorist organization, Saleh Nasser Fadel Al-Bakhshi, who was killed by the security forces.

He said in a press statement that the security units of Aden were able, with the support of the Arab coalition forces to thwart a number of terrorist operations that were aimed at security headquarters and other civilian places in the capital and surroundings of Aden.

The UAE Ambassador to Washington Yousef Al Otaiba said that the UAE is making great progress in combating terrorist organizations in Yemen, while Qatar and Iran keep on funding and supporting terrorism”

The campaigns led by the UAE in Yemen resulted in the killing of many members of terrorist organizations, during the operations that targeted their villages, and strengthened the security situation in those governorates and led their peoples to live safe.

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