UAE fights terrorism in Yemen

September 28, 2019

A British researcher praised the efforts of the Transitional Council in combating terrorism in Yemen with the support of the UAE, pointing out that al-Qaeda has benefited from the corruption of the regime in marketing itself in the country.

“There is a relationship between the government and terrorism, and there are beneficiaries of the continuation of war and terrorism,” Elizabeth Kandle, a researcher at Oxford University, said in a seminar on terrorism at UN headquarters in Geneva.

Kandel spoke of her experience in Hadramout, which she visited during al-Qaeda’s control of the coast of Hadramaut in southern Yemen, and how “terrorist organizations have exploited the corruption of the country’s governance system to market itself and control it by providing services to people in those areas.”

She also praised the efforts of the Transitional Council and the Southern Resistance in the fight against terrorism, supported by the United Arab Emirates, but warned of the danger of terrorist organizations using children and women.

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