UAE forces returned from Aden after completing the mission of liberating the city

October 31, 2019

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Armed Forces (GAF) has announced the return of a joint UAE force operating in the Yemeni province of Aden after completing its military mission of liberating Aden, securing and handing it over to Saudi and Yemeni forces.

“The UAE forces returning from Aden have completed their military tasks with great success. They liberated Aden from the Houthis and terrorist organizations on July 17, 2015, after which the military operations carried out by the Arab coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia resulted in The liberation of many areas liberated from Yemeni territories from the Houthi coup and the prevention of Iranian penetration aimed at controlling the Yemeni state.

“After the liberation of Aden, the UAE and Saudi forces secured military stability, pursued the remnants of the terrorists and eliminated all the hotbeds of the security threat, so that they were able to spread and strengthen security throughout Aden Governorate and empower the Yemeni forces by qualifying, training and arming them in a way that they can.” From the fulfillment of its military duties at the handover stage, the empowerment phase has resulted in the presence of highly trained Yemeni forces capable of stabilizing and capturing the land in a professional military manner. “

The leadership pointed out that “the UAE forces will continue its war on terrorist organizations in the southern Yemeni provinces and other areas.”

The General Command of the Armed Forces confirmed that its forces and as part of the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia will continue to support the brothers in Yemen.

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