UAE helps Yemenis to have a normal Ramadan

May 20, 2019

According to UAE officials, the number of meals distributed by the United Arab Emirates to the population of Yemen in several governorates in the framework of the initiative “fasting Breakfast” to help poor families to meet the requirements of the month of Ramadan is eighty thousand meals that have been already distributed during the first third of the current month of

The representative of the UAE Red Crescent in Yemen said that the breakfasts that were distributed included the governorates of Aden with 15 thousand meals, and each of the Hajj and Dali and Taiz and Abyan with 2000 meals each. In addition, 35,000 meals were distributed in areas on the western coast of Yemen. The population of Shabbos received 15,000 meals and others in Hadramout received 10,000 meals.

He added that the distribution of meals targeted families in the camps and the poorest families in cities and slums as well as patients in hospitals.

He also stressed that the distribution of meals continues during the rest of the month of Ramadan and will target other parts of the Yemeni liberated areas of the Houthis.

In the meantime, the United Arab Emirates, represented by its humanitarian red crescent, continued to operate the relief and shelter aid convoys to the Yemeni governorates.

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