UAE humanitarian aid and support in Yemen internationally recognized

August 23, 2019

The French Minister of Health, Agnes Buzin, praised the UAE’s efforts and its continuous support to the medical sector in Yemen, to face the difficult situation in Yemen, and to combat the deadly diseases and epidemics in yemen due to the repeated targeting of infrastructure by the Houthi militias and terrorist gangs, especially clean drinking water networks. And drainage systems

Bouzintold press  that the international community is highly appreciative of the UAE’s efforts to support yemen in different ways and fields , such as supporting hospitals in the province of Al-Dhali with assistance of 14 tons of medicines and medical supplies.

Boozin added that the support of Al Dhaleh field hospital, which was built with Emirati funding in this vital area to help the wounded and injured, on the outskirts of the governorate and in the neighboring areas, and provide it with the latest equipment and equipment, is a very important humanitarian support in addition to a long series of Emirati support to the health sector in Yemen .

The transfer critical casesfor treatment abroad, is a very important humanitarian effort that the international community appreciates for the UAE.

The Director of the Middle East at «Oxfam» – an international association of charitable organizations – in Paris, Renault Morge, that the UAE has rehabilitated 23 hospitals and health centers this year, in all liberated provinces.

The UAE Red Crescent also provided medicines and medical supplies to ten medical centers, with the payment of salaries and wages to its employees, and supported 600 cases of wounded and critical cases since the beginning of this year, sent Yemenis  abroad for treatment in international hospitals in the UAE and India,It has also supported more than 150 disabled people with mobility and prostheses, making the UAE the most active supporter of Yemen in the world in the field of relief and life-saving.

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