UAE in Yemen: Addressing the Iranian tampering ,fighting terrorism and contributing to development

May 28, 2019

The United Arab Emirates has played an important political, military and humanitarian role in Yemen since the start of the Al-Hazm Storm at the end of March 2015 led by Saudi Arabia. The UAE had a prominent role in deterring Al-Huthi militia and reducing its control over the land. The UAE contributed militarily to liberate large parts of Yemen and purge it from Al- QAEDA0.

The role of the UAE in combating terrorism Houthi:

The UAE has contributed significantly to the liberation of vast areas of Yemeni territory under the control of the Huthi militias. The UAE-controlled fronts have recorded great victories and major defeats by the militias. The capital Aden and Lahj province have won overwhelming victories over the Houthis thanks to the UAE’s support for the southern resistance.

The UAE continued to provide military and logistical support to the southern resistance, and a military brigade was formed that helped liberate Bab al-Mandab, the West Coast and parts of Hodeidah, Taiz, and Lahj.

The fronts, which are overseen by the United Arab Emirates, are still plagued by daily victories, the most recent of which is the fighting that is currently taking place in the province of Dali’a and its north, while the fronts that are overseen by the legitimacy are silent.

The role of the UAE in combating terrorism in the south:

The UAE has also played a major role in liberating the southern provinces from Al-Qaeda terrorism. The UAE supported the southern resistance and contributed militarily and geographically in forming the belt and support
forces and support in the capital Aden and the provinces of Lahj and Abin.

With the direct support of the United Arab Emirates, these forces were able to achieve overwhelming victories and terrorist movements and organizations declined significantly.

The UAE has also supported the formation of elite forces in Shabwa, Hadramout, Mahara and Socotra provinces and has been able to liberate a large number of districts that were the headquarters of terrorist organizations.

The UAE continues to support the southern resistance.

The Emirati participation in Al-Hazm storm has not been limited to military support only but has played a major role in the relief and humanitarian field. The humanitarian role of the UAE has extended to include the reconstruction, rehabilitation, maintenance and equipping of hospitals, health centers, specialized medical units, schools and institutes, building and maintenance of mosques, and social centers.

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