UAE intensifies assistance to Yemeni people during Ramadan

May 11, 2019

The activities and events organized and supported by the UAE Red Crescent Society are various and different in Ramadan, but have the same goal and aim, reaching all groups of society that need support to alleviate their suffering in the holy month of Ramadan and provide assistance to them.

Where more than 750 thousand Yemenis benefit from the aid during the holy month. From the West Coast, whose population is in a very bad condition due to the siege of the militia and their continuous targeting of civilians, the UAE Red Crescent team has stepped up its humanitarian activities in Yemen, distributing 8,000 meals a day.

Bread is also distributed free of charge to 25,000 needy families in the districts of Zul Bab, Al Makha, Tahta, Hayes, Al-Nakhia. The distribution of one million and 500 thousand loaves of bread for free to needy families in the West Coast is also taken care of, during the holy month of Ramadan, within the Ramadan campaign launched by the UAE, in Yemen.

The organization also continues to focus on the families of martyrs, through the distribution of food baskets in all governorates, mainly targeting families of martyrs and fleeing people in camps and poor families. The distribution of the Ramadan Meer coincides with the distribution of fasting meals with 8000 meals a day. In Shabwa, the organization targeted the poorest families in the Jardan district.

As part of its humanitarian and relief efforts at various levels to help the brothers in Yemen, alleviate their suffering and improve their living conditions. The distribution team distributed 800 food baskets, ( 66 tons of various food ), to 4880 poor and low-income families in the Jardan district.

The organization aid and support include all segments of the needy people the representative of the UAE Red Crescent, Sultan Al Shamsi, participated in a fasting breakfast in the Department of the Elderly in the capital of Aden. Al Shamsi said that his participation in the breakfast is part of the humanitarian
principles established by the founder of the UAE Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, in humility and compassion with all segments of society.

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