UAE keep on treating the wounded of the clashes in Yemen

September 11, 2019

22 yemenis war woumded will go to Egypt in the next upcoming days to receive treatment and care  in Egyptian hospitals at the expense of Abu Dhabi as part of the ongoing UAE efforts to help the Yemeni people.

The 22 Yemenis were wounded during clashes in a number of southern governorates in Yemen .

The affairs of the wounded of the southern resistance in Egypt revealed today on Twitter that it is preparing to receive 22 wounded during the next week for treatment in Egyptian hospitals at the expense of the United Arab Emirates.

The Yemenis victims praised the UAE’s efforts to support them in their plight.

This is not the first time that the UAE has made tremendous efforts to help the Yemeni people humanitarianly against the Houthi rebelsrebel attacks or the recent events in southern Yemen.

Two weeks ago, the UAE Red Crescent headed a relief convoy carrying food aid to residents of Zanzibar, the capital of the southern province of Abyan, which has seen fighting between the Southern Transitional Council (NTC) and the Yemeni government backed by Muslim Brotherhood fighters.

The aid convoy included nearly 1,000 food parcels that local authorities have begun distributing to nearly 7,000 people in need.

In July, Abu Dhabi signed an agreement with the Yemeni Electricity Ministry to build a power plant in the southern city of Aden at a cost of $ 100 million.

The UAE, along with Saudi Arabia, in May signed two agreements with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to implement humanitarian projects in Yemen, worth $ 60 million.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have pledged $ 200 million in aid to Yemen during Ramadan, part of a $ 500 million joint initiative announced in November.

According to statistics from the UAE Ministry of State for International Cooperation, Abu Dhabi provided $ 5.41 billion between April 2015 and December 2018 to support emergency food assistance, energy supplies and health services.

The biggest beneficiary of international organizations is the World Food Program (WFP), which received $ 287 million in aid from the UAE.

The UAE topped the ranks as the world’s largest direct donor of emergency humanitarian assistance to the Yemeni people in 2018, while Saudi Arabia was ranked first as the largest donor of support to the UN Humanitarian Plan in Yemen for the same year.

This assistance enabled the UAE to gain the respect and appreciation of the Yemeni people, who found in these initiatives a means to face the economic and social crisis left by the war during the past years.

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