UAE-KSA efforts to reduce escalation in Yemen

September 4, 2019

Despite the attempts of several parties inside and outside Yemen to fuel the situation in the country, the efforts exerted by the UAE-KSA  Committee, have been observing, as the joint committee was able to reduce the escalation in Aden and several other Yemeni areas

On Monday, a spokesman for the Arab Alliance, Colonel Turki al-Maliki, praised the role played by the Saudi-UAE Joint Committee, to ease the escalation in Yemen.

Al-Maliki stressed that all the Yemeni parties have responded to the joint committee, in terms of the truce demand, and pay attention to the real enemy represented by Houthi militias and some externally supported terrorist organizations, which seek to continue the conflict.

“We appreciate the response of all Yemeni parties to the ceasefire,” he said.There was joint action by the Joint Forces Command of the Coalition, represented by the Saudi-Emirati Joint Committee to reduce escalation and ceasefire. “

It was Saudi-Emirati efforts that thwarted plans by the al-Islah Brotherhood, which aimed to dismantle internal fighting fronts for Houthi militias.

Plans revealed by a leading Islah party call for Taiz and Ibb to withdraw from the Saada fronts and refrain from confronting the Houthis, but the aspirations of Islah and those behind them will not be realized as long as the Yemeni people realize their goals, especially after revealing coordination between Islah and Houthi militias.

The people in Taiz demonstrated their support for the Arab coalition that succeeded in stopping the Iranian expansion in Yemen through their Houthi arm.

Since the onset of the crisis, Saudi Arabia has brought its troops into Shabwa, and has been able, through coordination with local authorities and other Yemeni parties, to ease the escalation.

The efforts of the Arab coalition seem to respond to the desire of the Yemenis to end the marginal conflicts since they realized  the conspiracy against their country.

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