UAE launch a relief campaign for Yemen’s rainfall victims

June 11, 2019

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) launched an emergency response campaign to help flood victims in Yemen’s Aden and Lahj Governorates, starting by the discharge of rainwater from the streets and residential areas and relief
and shelter assistance to fleeing people in their camps.

Emergency relief to provide relief and humanitarian assistance to those affected by heavy rains, in Aden, and the neighboring provinces.

The volunteer teams in the field of the UAE Red Crescent were deployed in various areas of Aden to see the rainwater that had flowed into some houses in the Directorate of Crater. The accompanying strong winds
caused a number of electricity poles to fall.


“The UAE’s launch of this campaign comes in response to the Yemeni authorities call “.


The agency explained that the campaign includes providing relief and shelter assistance to people. The volunteer teams of the UAE Red Crescent rushed to the IDP camps to check their situation and the damage they were subjected
to in order to help them and provide them with the necessary needs. UAE distributed food and medicines to families living in the streets since last night, it will be followed by a convoy of other aid.


For his part, the coordinator of local and international organizations in the province of Lahj, Abdul-Ella Al-Radfani, praised the rapid response of the UAE through its humanitarian arm, the Red Crescent, where the teams
began installing the first batch of tents in Rabat camp, with other batches of tents and rafts, Food aid.


The affected families thanked the UAE and its keenness to touch their difficult situation, stressing that it is not the first time that the UAE has helped them.
The Joint Forces Command of the Alliance for the Support of  Legitimacy in Yemen announced the launch of an emergency relief campaign and an air bridge to provide relief and humanitarian assistance to those affected by the heavy rains in the province of Aden and neighboring governorates.


The spokesman of the coalition forces, Colonel Turki al- Maliki said that the leadership of the joint forces of the coalition will launch an emergency relief campaign and an air bridge to provide relief and humanitarian assistance to
those affected in those provinces, in order to alleviate the suffering of those affected, with the participation of King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Action, And the reconstruction of Yemen.

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