UAE Offers 33 Tons of Food Supplement to the Children in Yemen Suffering from Malnutrition

October 12, 2018

The United Arab Emirates have offered 33 tons of food supplements to the children of yemre who are known to be suffering from serious malnutrition by launching a comprehensive nutrition programme.  The food supplement had been delivered to Al-Jumhuriah Hospital of Yemen’s Aden as a part of the ongoing efforts of UAE for easing the suffering of Yemenis because of the trying humanitarian circumstances which was caused by the Iranian supported Houthi militias.

An plane of Emirati had arrived at Aden International Airport and it had been carrying all food supplement as the 1st phase of the 200 tons of food supplement which will arrive in batches in the coming days. The nutritional supplements are important for all types of age groups, particularly children. They are known as Plumpy Nut or Plumpy Sup.

The Yemeni Unde-Secretary of Ministry of Public Health and Population, Ahmed Al Kamal; UAE Humanitarian Operations Director in Yemen, Saeed Al Kaabi, and the Yemeni officials who had been present the airport for receiving the supplies. The ERC have also sent medical team for assessing the condition of the health sector and to implement various initiatives and programmes in the liberated governorates of the country.

Al Kamal have mentioned that ongoing support of UAE for the health sector of yeme na the provisions of food and medicine supplements to the children, elderly, and women have truncated the shortage of all kinds of medical supplies. Again, its therapeutic services are known to have helped the Yemeni citizens suffering from difficult humanitarian circumstances because of the war that had been started by the Houthi militias.

Al Kaabi stated the food supplement distribution is going to take place in coordination with the Ministry of Health of Yemen along with the relevant international relief organization.