UAE offers a new batch of fishing tools and accessories to fishers

June 24, 2019
The UAE Red Crescent today distributed a new batch of fishing tools and supplies to 100 fishermen in the coastal city of Al Maha on the western coast of Yemen.
The representative of the UAE Red Crescent, in the West Coast, stated that the new quantities provided to the fishermen include various fishing tools and supplies, these actions and assistance carried out by the United Arab Emirates in all areas and liberated directorates in the West Coast.
The Red Crescent will in the next few days distribute other quantities of fishing tools and supplies, to the fishermen in the areas of Zahari and Yakhtal Directorate of Mkhaj.
For his part, Sultan Abdullah Mahmoud, Director General of the Directorate of Al-Makha’a, praised the United Arab Emirates for its generous donation through its humanitarian arm the Red Crescent, UAE red crescent provided them with 100 large cartons of various types of fishing gear and equipment, that will contribute to increasing fishing volumes and improving the living conditions of fishermen, fish marketing and sales.
He added that “the UAE is taking care of the needs of Yemeni citizens in the West Coast and all liberated areas and governorates of Yemen.
On behalf of the local authority and the people of Al-Mukha, he expressed his thanks and appreciation to the United Arab Emirates for its continuous support to all vital and service sectors in the Directorate, which contributed
greatly to alleviating the suffering of the citizens and improving their living conditions.
Hashim al-Rifai, a fisherman in the Al-Mukhaa district, confirmed that the UAE support has reached all segments of society in the West Coast, including the fishing sector. He added: “our Emiratis brothers distributed a 100 cartons of
fishing tools to fishermen to alleviate our suffering and the enjoyment of our harsh conditions. Fishermen and beneficiaries praised the support and assistance of the UAE and assured them that the fishing equipment and supplies provided to them met their needs.

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