UAE project to support 4,000 Yemeni fishermen

July 3, 2019
A fishing center was set up in the Al-Muteena area of the Directorate of Tahita on the western coast of Yemen. It was equipped with an integrated solar system on Sunday, with the support of the UAE to serve and support 4,000 Yemeni fishermen.
The representative of the UAE Red Crescent in the western coast of Yemen said that more than 4,000 fishermen in the areas of Almtina, Jibla, Ras Al-Hassi, Al-Nakheel, Al- Ghuwaiq, Al-Baq’a, and Al-Faza will benefit from this center which comes within 24 fish landing centers that were rehabilitated and established by the UAE on the western coast of Yemen.
He added that this project will end the suffering of fishermen, especially since this area lacked a fish landing center, adding that the fish-processing workers in the region already started to work, which will benefit the population of more than 9 thousand people. UAE has provided generous support in various
humanitarian fields Service and development along with the villages and areas of the West Coast.

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