UAE provides AL-DALIA hospital with medicines and medical supplies

July 5, 2019

The United Arab Emirates has provided the field hospital in Al-Dali’a with medicines and medical supplies.


Dr. Nabil Al-Afif, Undersecretary of Al-Dhala Governorate, praised the support provided by the UAE through its arm for humanitarian work, the Red Crescent Authority. He said that these medicines and medical supplies will contribute to improving health and medical services for beneficiaries in Al-Dhala.


The UAE continues to support the Yemeni governorates with various development and service projects in order to alleviate the suffering of Yemeni citizens and normalize life in the targeted governorates. The UAE Red Crescent Society continues to launch projects throughout the governorates, including rural areas and remote areas.


Water crisis


The projects, which were opened in June, were completed by the end of the month of June itself. The United Arab Emirates, through its humanitarian arm, the Red Crescent, completed the water crisis in the West Coast landscape area by providing drinking water to the residents of the area through vehicles that fill the water tanks distributed in front of the citizens’ homes in the area.


In Shabwa governorate, received  an integrated solar water pumping unit that was opened in Al-Dima and Al-Gheleh districts in Mirkha Directorate, benefiting

residents of the two regions and neighboring villages.


Supporting  fishermen


The fishermen of the West Coast during the occupation of the Houthi militias were exposed to difficulties and problems and stopped working, which caused them great suffering because the fishing was their only source of income. But Since the liberation of the West Coast, The aid included various types of fishing gear and equipment, which will contribute to increasing the quantities of fishing and improving the living conditions of fishermen and their families and raise the level of services provided to Yemeni citizens and normalize the situation.


In the Directorate of Al Tahita in Hodeidah Governorate, the fish landing center in Al Muteena area was inaugurated after the UAE Red Crescent Authority completed the construction of the project, which consists of Haraj Square, a management room and an integrated solar energy system.


This project will dramatically end the suffering of fishermen as a result of the lack of a fish landing center in the past. The number of fishing boats and fishermen has increased, Indicating the importance of the existence of this facility, which will benefit the population of those areas and more than 9 thousand people.

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