UAE reaffirms its right to respond and self-defense, expresses concern over situation in Yemen

August 28, 2019

In Response to Yemen’s Foreign Ministry’s statement, UAE puts forth developments in Yemen through a statement in which UAE declared its rightto self-defenseblocking every threat that aims to target the Arab Coalition forces.

UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with International Cooperation released a statement saying:

“ The current exacerbation in outrage in opposition to Arab Coalition forces and citizens comes as an alarming danger to the soundness of the coalition. As a result of which direct and exact air strikes became a necessity that were carried out on 28th and 29th of August 2019 targeting terrorist commandos abiding by the regulations of engagement in the Geneva Convention and international humanitarian law.”

The statement further clarified that, “ the military actions that targeted the terrorist commandos was carried out based on affirmed field intelligence that those commandos were trained to attack the coalition forces, an evolution that demanded a planned action in order to prevent and danger to the military.”

Revealing additional details the statement added, “ The attacks on the Arab Coalition were carried out by armed militants associated with terrorist organizations. The Arab Coalition was attacked at the Aden Airport that resulted in two injuries among the forces.”

In a response to which the coalition under the right of self defense acted in order to safeguard the security of their forces.

The statement by UAE yet again vouched that it will never be in two minds when it comes to preserve the soundness of Arab Coalition forces and whenever the need be and UAE under all circumstances possesses its right to respond and self-defense.

According to observations by the UAE intelligence departments in the past few weeks, terrorist organization have begun to speed up their terror actions through Yemeni territories in a manner that it raises alarming concerns to the progress of Arab coalition towards grubbing out the suffering caused by Terrorism in Yemen. It also poses danger to the numerous attempts of the coalition to curb Houthi insurgents that are at ease with accelerating tensions and terrorism.

The statement towards the end expressed concerns over the situation in Yemen, it read, “ The UAE expresses deep concern regarding the ongoing troubled situation in Yemen regarding recommencement of terror acts following the successful efforts of the coalition over the past years to curb terrorism in Yemen.”

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