UAE Red Crescent Carries New Food Convoy to Durahmi Villages

June 17, 2019
In support of the United Arab Emirates, the UAE Red Crescent today launched a food aid convoy to a number of villages in the Durahemi Directorate in the West Coast of Yemen.
The representative of the UAE Red Crescent, in the West Coast, stated that the aid convoy included 2,000 integrated food baskets, distributed to the villages of Glefqa, Kaddaf, Thakhar, Mabark, Taif, Bakariya, Kweizi, Maraibah,
Beneficiaries citizens expressed their thanks and gratitude to the United Arab Emirates for their continuous support to them through the implementation of a number of projects and initiatives covering various areas of life.
They confirmed that the food aid distributed to them today by the UAE Red Crescent teams comes within the framework of continuous help and support that meet their needs.

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