UAE Red Crescent distributes 500 food baskets in Hodeidah

June 20, 2019
The UAE Red Crescent distributed hundreds of food baskets to citizens and homeless persons in the area of Tor al-Qataba in Al-Khokha district south of Hodeidah governorate. The total number of food baskets distributed was 500.
The distribution of food baskets came under the humanitarian and relief programs provided by the United Arab Emirates to the population of the West Coast and the province of Hodeidah.
Residents and fleeing people expressed their thanks and appreciation to the UAE, represented by its humanitarian arm, the UAE Red Crescent for its unlimited support to the Yemeni people who came from various areas of Hodeidah governorate to escape from the brutality of the Huthi militias and to continue to alleviate their suffering.
The Arab Coalition seeks to restore normal life to cities and areas after liberation from the control of the Huthi militias, especially the West Coast and Hodeidah.
The United Arab Emirates plays a major role in supporting Yemen to rid it of the terrorist Huthi war that starves and displaces millions of Yemenis. Humanitarian and relief work tops the UAE’s priorities to help the Yemenis in
various liberated governorates, including the West Coast and Hodeidah.

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