UAE Red Crescent distributes 500 food baskets to needy families in Zanjibar, Yemen

July 5, 2019
In the framework of its projects aimed at achieving food security in Abyan province, the UAE Red Crescent on Thursday morning in Zinjibar in Abyan governorate distributed food baskets for the poorest families, 500 poor
families from Zanjibar benefited from this operation.
Adel al-Hanashi, president of the Abyan Youth Forum, said the distribution was part of the UAE Red Crescent project to provide adequate support to people facing very poor living conditions in the country’s economic chaotic situation
caused by the Houthi war.
He added that the UAE Red Crescent has many contributions to the implementation of many services, development, and social projects in Abyan governorate, as well as its interest in the poor and the keenness to provide
food assistance to them, especially that many people do not have any sources of income.
He stressed the great attention paid by the UAE Red Crescent to Abyan province through the implementation of several projects in infrastructure and the restoration of schools and government and health facilities and in electricity and water.

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