UAE Red Crescent established 26 fish landing centers on the West Coast

July 10, 2019
The UAE red crescent completed the rehabilitation of the fish landing center in Yakhtal district, north of Mukha, and the fishermen began to work at the center today Fishermen expressed their delight at the opening of the
landing site in Yakhtal, it was a long-awaited dream, since the center was closed and out of service for about 12 years.
The UAE Red Crescent has established some 26 fish landing sites and continues to support fishermen in the West Coast, either by providing fishing equipment or by building fish landing centers.
The UAE red crescent is trying to build fish landing sites along the coastline to reduce the losses suffered by the fishing sector, as well as contribute to the return of fishermen to carry out their activities destroyed by the war of militias Houthi.
The destructive approach of the Houthi militias, whether through sea mines or preventing fishermen from fishing by destroying their boats, has put the fishermen on a tragic situation and pushed them to the brink of famine. UAE efforts, through the UAE Red Crescent, have succeeded in reducing this through the gradual return of the fish sector to work.

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