UAE red crescent Inaugurates the distribution of humanitarian relief and relief assistance to the people of mandar

May 8, 2019

The UAE Red Crescent, in coordination with the local authority in the governorate, has launched the distribution of humanitarian and relief assistance to the people of the area of “Al-Hawk” in the province of Hodeidah in western Yemen.

The director of the Hawk Directorate, Mr. Ayman Sulaiman Jarmesh, said in a statement according to “Echo Sahel” that the UAE Red Crescent Authority, in coordination with the local authority in the province represented by Dr. Hassan Taher, inaugurated on Monday the distribution of 250 food baskets to
the people in the Directorate.

He praised the role of the UAE in this regard and the importance it attaches to the humanitarian and relief aspects of the people of the Noor region. This generous gesture comes as part of the continuous humanitarian and development projects offered by the UAE in the West Coast since the defeat of the Huthi militias.

Jaramsh pointed out that the people of the area of view in the Directorate of the attention and humanitarian assistance and service at all levels by the Emirates Crescent Authority comes as part of the UAE’s continuous support to help their brothers in Yemen to improve their living conditions and enhance their capabilities to cope with the difficult humanitarian situation. The war imposed by the militias Houthi, backed by Iran in Yemen.

Director Ayman Jaramsh expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the UAE government and people for their honorable stand with their brothers in Yemen, stressing that the Yemenis will never forget these positions from their brothers in the Emirates.

It is worth mentioning that the Emirates Red Crescent Authority ended a few days before the rehabilitation and renovation of the health center building in the area of Mandar.

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