UAE Red Crescent inaugurates vital projects for Shabwa water sector

July 3, 2019
The UAE Red Crescent Authority inaugurated two vital projects in the water sector this morning. The projects included the establishment of integrated solar water pumping unit in Al-Dima and Al-Ghehila districts in the Lower Marakha Directorate in Shabwa governorate.
Hamid Al Shamsi, Advisor for Development and International Cooperation, representative of the Red Crescent Authority in Shabwa, said that these vital projects are an embodiment of the UAE’s interest and leadership to
improve the humanitarian situation in Yemen in general and to enhance the initiatives undertaken by the Authority to alleviate the suffering of the population and support infrastructure projects to cope with the difficult
circumstances they are living.
Al-Shamsi pointed out to the Authority’s efforts to solve the problems of water shortage and scarcity in the Shabwa governorate. He stressed that the problem of water shortage is the biggest problem faced by the people of the
desert areas. And they are stopping the difficulty of obtaining water through the implementation of various water projects.
For his part, Eng. Marwan Barwais, deputy director of the Rural Water Corporation in Shabwa, expressed his thanks to the UAE leadership, government, and people for their projects to support infrastructure, service, and relief. He also praised the efforts of the UAE Red Crescent Society
Ease the suffering of citizens in liberated areas of Yemen.

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