UAE Red Crescent Initiatives in Yemen Gives back Hope to Youth

June 12, 2019
The UAE Red Crescent has opened the doors of hope for the Yemeni youth in the liberated provinces to chart a bright future for their homeland by adopting social initiatives and arming them with knowledge through continuous improvement of the educational process and providing job opportunities and supporting multiple projects.
The Red Crescent Authority sought to find jobs directly for the families of the martyrs and the needy people, through the implementation of a number of development projects aimed at this category, to improve their income and create jobs, the most recent of which is the 1000 Bab Rizk project, which aimed to provide jobs For the families of the martyrs and the people in need of job, through the processing of markets and commercial complexes, sewing factories, fishing boats, in order to provide stable work as a constant
source of livelihood for this category of society.
The UAE Red Crescent has also launched the MIHNATI HIRFATY project, one of the initiatives of UAE in Yemen.
The project aimed at strengthening the capacities of rural women in Mudaraba and Ras Al-Ara in Lahj governorate by helping women establish women’s sewing factories at home. A steady income that helps them and their families cope with difficult living conditions.
The Commission provided training and rehabilitation for women and then supplies and sewing tools and materials, fabrics and other requirements for beneficiaries and according to the plan developed by the Commission, the project will fun itself in the future.
In the province of Shabwa, the UAE Red Crescent has provided for the Women’s Development Association in the province, the equipment, and furniture to restart its work in the service of the women’s sector, through the provision of professional laboratories, which include computer labs,
sewing and cooking equipment, in the framework of its keenness to support the service sectors in the Yemeni arena.
The Commission also contributed to the support of development associations and institutions through supporting training and rehabilitation activities in these institutions, which contributed to the rehabilitation of the capacities of youth and women to support the labor market with trained workers.
Observers said many companies benefited from the contracts with the UAE Red Crescent and it reflects on the employees in these companies, in addition to increasing commercial activity in the field of manufacturing of furniture and office equipment to contribute to reducing unemployment and improve the income of workers with daily wages, stressing that these companies were suffering from a state of stagnation and collapse due to the war imposed by the Houthi militia on these provinces.
On the western coast, the United Arab Emirates, through its humanitarian arm, the Red Crescent, provided new jobs for 3,200 Yemeni citizens from the West Coast through 23 contracting companies operating hundreds of service and
development projects along with villages, cities, and areas of the West Coast.

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