UAE Red Crescent opens a new fish landing center on the West Coast

July 8, 2019
The UAE Red Crescent opened the fish landing center in the Bab al-Mandab district of Zul Bab, in the western coast of Yemen, after its rehabilitation, restoration, and processing of the center.
The representative of the UAE Red Crescent Society in the West Coast said that this project was implemented in order to allow 4500 fishermen to resume their activities and activating the sale and marketing of fish. He explained that
the project comes within 24 fish landing centers that were rehabilitated and reconstructed along with the villages and areas of the West Coast.
For his part, Mohammed Fadl Al Shaeri, Director General of Zul Bab, said that the UAE has played a major role in the renormalization of life in the various districts of the Directorate through the rehabilitation of 6 fish landing centers in the areas of Wahja, Al Kadhah, Al-Mandab).
Pointing out that these vital projects funded by the UAE and supervised by the UAE Red Crescent, are serving more than 30 thousand people.
Fishermen expressed their sincere thanks to the United Arab Emirates, which has devoted all its efforts to support and encourage fishermen through the rehabilitation projects of fish landing centers that have contributed effectively to improve and bring back to life the fishing sector, selling and marketing of fish. He praised the generous UAE support which included a large number of Important and sustainable service and development projects in various
villages and areas of the West Coast, and in the liberated cities and governorates of Yemen as a whole.

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