UAE Red Crescent provides medical aid to fight dengue fever in Aden

June 20, 2019
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has provided a new humanitarian aid package to Yemen, consisting of medical relief and service projects.
In the medical field, the UAE Red Crescent provided laboratory solutions to the National Central Laboratory to address the dengue fever epidemic in Aden.
The representative of the UAE Red Crescent in Aden, Mohammed Al-Shehi said that these solutions will serve the central laboratory at Al-Jumhuriya Hospital to examine patients suffering from the dengue fever which has spread again in Aden and some neighboring provinces.
In the context, the Commission continued its urgent interventions in the recently hit provinces in order to alleviate the suffering of the population.
The UAE Red Crescent inaugurated the opening of the road (Al-Anad al-Aghbari shooters) in the governorate of Qubaytah, the province of Lahj, which was damaged by the heavy rains witnessed by the Directorate last week.
During his inauguration, the Director of Kubaita Directorate, Emad Ghanem, praised the humanitarian initiative of the UAE. “It is a generous gesture that opened the door to hope to facilitate the use of rain-ravaged roads.
Ghanim pointed out that the Directorate of Qubaytah is characterized by its mountainous roads, which lack infrastructure, which leads to the destruction and disruption of traffic and interruption of communication between citizens during the rains, hoping that the Directorate of Qubaytah will be a strategic road project to end the suffering of the population.
The coordinator of the international and local organizations in the province of Lahj, Abdul-Ilah al- Radfani said that the UAE Red Crescent this week
provided food baskets and shelter materials people in all the camps in the Tibn district, and initiated an emergency intervention to remove the damage caused by rain on the road linking Al- It is the center that brings the population
through the areas of Thar and Al-Aghbariya to the area of the archers.

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