UAE Red Crescent provides Yemen camps with shelter and food assistance

June 15, 2019
The UAE Red Crescent is rescuing and helping people in a number of camps in the liberated governorates. As part of the UAE’s emergency response campaign for the relief of flood victims in Yemen.
The campaign began the urgent deployment of the UAE Red Crescent Volunteer Teams to a number of streets and neighborhoods of Aden City for drainage, in refugee camps, in Lahr and Abyan, check their conditions and provide them with food and shelter.
The volunteer teams of the UAE Red Crescent distributed food aid and shelter materials to “Al- Mashqafa” camp, Al-Batra camp and Al-Shawkani
camp in Lahj governorate as well as Al-Kud camp in Abyan governorate. The distribution of food baskets benefits more than 1,100 families and
the use of shelter materials “tents and tarps” about 750 families in the four camps.
The Emirates Emergency Response Campaign launched by the United Arab Emirates through its humanitarian arm, the UAE Red Crescent in Aden
and neighboring governorates is an exceptional initiative to meet the directives of our wise leadership and extend the humanitarian work to
help brothers in Yemen. And help the local authorities to deal with and manage the damage caused by rain and wind, the red crescent emergency campaign worked to remove and drain water from the streets in Aden, in addition to
providing relief and shelter.
For his part, the brother Zaki Ali Hassan Aqilom fr  al-Mashqafa camp expressed his thanks and gratitude to the UAE Red Crescent for his initiative

and assistance. The beneficiaries at the Kode camp in Abyan and the Shoukani and Baitra camps in Lahj expressed their joy at the arrival of this relief, which will alleviate their suffering.

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