UAE red crescent saves displaced people in DALEEH

July 12, 2019
With the support of the UAE, the Red Crescent is carrying a humanitarian aid convoy to the displaced people of Al-Dhali province.
The relief targeted displaced people from conflict areas (HAJR Azraq and Qabta). 1200 baskets were distributed among needy areas.
The Undersecretary of Al-Dalea Province, Nabil Al-Afif, conveyed the greetings of the local authority in Al-Dhala governorate and thanked the UAE for the rapid response and continued humanitarian support for all areas in Al-
Dhala governorate with all kinds of support.
For his part, the Coordinator of the displaced people in Dalea, “Ali Obaid,” said: the number of displaced people reached 11 thousand displaced, mostly in the Directorate of Dhala, capital of the province, the UAE Red Crescent distributed food and shelter to support and alleviate their suffering.
The UAE has been carrying eight food convoys over the past few months.

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