UAE rescue 1850 families homeless in Yemen

June 14, 2019
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has provided food aid and shelter materials to flood victims in several liberated Yemeni governorates as part of the country’s emergency response campaign to help flood victims in Yemen.
The campaign began with the urgent deployment of the UAE Red Crescent volunteer teams in a number of streets and neighborhoods of Aden to drain water in Lahj and Abyan also, to see the conditions of their people and their
the situation, and to implement a quick response to meet their needs.
The campaign reached the Mashqafa, Baitra, and Shukani camps in Lahj governorate as well as the Kode camp in Abyan governorate. The volunteer teams distributed food aid and shelter materials to tents and tarps, targeting 1850 families.
Exceptional initiative
The UAE Red Crescent representative in Yemen said that the emergency response campaign launched by the UAE in Aden and the neighboring governorates are an exceptional initiative, in accordance with the directives of our wise leadership and an extension of the humanitarian work provided to the brothers in Yemen. To help them manage the damage caused by rain and wind.
He explained that the campaign worked to drain water from the streets in Aden, in addition to providing relief and shelter assistance to the camps in a number of Yemeni provinces.
For his part, Zaki Ali Hassan, who is in charge of the Al- Mashqafa camp in Lahj, expressed his thanks and gratitude to the UAE for its initiative and assistance. He added that this is what we are accustomed to from our brothers in the
UAE! rushing to help the needy people.

He added that they received assistance in food baskets, tents, and tarpaulins, which will contribute to providing shelter for women, children and the elderly, pointing out that the camp was affected by heavy rains and strong

For their part, the beneficiaries of the aid in Abyan and Lahj expressed their joy at the arrival of this relief, which will alleviate their suffering, pointing out that it came at a time when they were most in need.
They are grateful for this humanitarian gesture, which is not new. The assistance provided to them is a breakthrough in the situation they are living because of the war of the Huthi militias.
The residents of the camp expressed their gratitude and thanks to the UAE’s humanitarian efforts and support in this difficult situation, one of the camp officials explained that the UAE Red Crescent was the first to respond to the
call for relief by the residents of the camp. He added: While all the international organizations were absent, the UAE red Crescent attended and provided people with all the shelter and food they need. This is not strange to our brothers in the UAE.

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