UAE send drugs and medical supplies to Daleh

August 5, 2019

The UAE continues its continuous support to the medical sector in Yemen, in order to ensure that it continues to serve the citizens in light of the difficult conditions in the country.

A transport plane from the United Arab Emirates carrying 14 tons of medicines and medical supplies arrived at Aden International Airport yesterday. The plane was received at Aden airport by the representative of the UAE Red Crescent Ali Al Kaabi.

Al-Kaabi confirmed that the shipment of medicines will be sent to support the hospitals of Dali’a governorate, which receives the wounded from fighting with Al-Houthi militia in the outskirts of the province. The UAE support comes days after the opening of a field hospital in the province of Dhala equipped with the latest means, medical equipment and ambulances. The UAE and its humanitarian arm  the Red Crescentin Dalea governorate has given special importance to supporting the fighting fronts .

Since the beginning of war in the province of Dhala, the General Hospital was supported by 655 cylinders of oxygen, and the provision of materials and medical equipment . Drugs and medical supplies were also provided with the support of the UAE through the National Drug Supply Center of the Yemeni Ministry of Health, support through the World Health Organization,  more than 60 wounded were sent for treatment abroad.

The UAE has provided significant health support in the form of pharmaceutical shipments and the

establishment and maintenance of a number of health centers in the various liberated governorates of Yemen

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