UAE supplies Shabwawith 64 tons of food and shelter camps

August 5, 2019

The United Arab Emirates sent relief conveys through the humanitarian arm , the Red Crescent Society to the people affected by the torrential floods in the area of ??Khoura in the Directorate of Lower Mircha in the province of Shabwa, Yemen.

The organization provided food assistance and shelter camps to those affected by the floods, in the framework of its humanitarian and relief efforts,carried out at various levels to help the brothers in Yemen and alleviate their suffering and improve their living conditions.

The UAE Red Crescent Society distributed 800 food baskets at a rate of 64 tons targeting 4 thousand and 720 people from the Khawra area, as well as providing accommodation camps for those whose houses were damaged by the flood of torrential rains.

The assistance comes within the framework of the humanitarian approach and the continuous efforts of the UAE in light of the worsening humanitarian conditions affecting the population of these areas in Shabwa.

The beneficiaries of the Red Crescent assistance expressed their thanks and appreciation to the UAE for this great assistance and humanitarian gesture that will contribute to alleviating their suffering amid difficult living conditions and deteriorated economic conditions.

The number of food baskets distributed by the UAE Red Crescent since the beginning of 2019 is more than  29 thousand and 468 baskets of food distributed to 135 thousand and 319 people from needy families and affected in Shabwa.

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