UAE supplies Yemeni hospitals with medicines

August 7, 2019

A large quantity of drugs has been sent to Yemen as aid to the people of the southern province of Dhala, where parts of the province are still witnessing clashes between Yemeni forces and the Huthi rebels.

A UAE cargo plane arrived earlier in Aden International Airport carrying 14 tons of medicines and medical supplies that will be distributed to hospitals in Dali.

Ali Al-Kaabi, representative of the UAE Red Crescent Society, explained that the dispatch of this shipment of medicines came days after the opening of a field hospital in Al-Dhala province equipped with the latest medical equipment and ambulances

The UAE has provided the General Hospital with 655 oxygen cylinders and supplied it with medical materials and equipment in four stages. The UAE also sent medicines and medical supplies through the National Drug Supply Center of the Yemeni Ministry of Health, provided support through the World Health Organization and sent dozens of Yemeni wounded for treatment abroad at its expense.

Throughout the years of war in Yemen, the UAE has provided diverse assistance to people in many parts of the country, which have been divided between long-term development assistance and emergency relief to overcome food  crises and the effects of some natural disasters.

In this context, the UAE Red Crescent Society intervened  in the Khoura area in the Lower Marakha Directorate in Shabwa governorate in southern Yemen.The agency provided assistance with the main food components and equipped several shelter camps for those affected by the floods.

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